Looking for an A3 printer for your business? Then think on!

Looking for an A3 printer for your business? Then think on! - blog post image
  • Purchasing or leasing an MFP for your business is an investment of time and money. Your A3 printer needs to be fit for purpose to save you time in trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. And it needs to be cost-effective. So what functionality do you need to consider?

Black and White vs Colour

We are increasingly installing colour MFPs.This is because quality has become so much improved that it meets our customer expectations every time, and can support their branding more easily than earlier models. The cost of colour printing is also reducing, making it more affordable for every type of business.

Sharp has responded to this increased requirement for colour printing and photocopiers by increasing our range of MX printers – all available here in South Wales through Clarity Copiers, Glamorgan.

Internet capabilities

Each of these printers has advanced functionality which includes;

- WiFi

- Cloud connectivity and

- Immediate access to Sharp Optimised software solutions that will help to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve security.

Multiple Machine Management

 All printers in our Sharp A3 MX range have the same underlying parts and features – so if you need more than one machine, set up and management is much more straightforward than it might otherwise have been.

The range also offers a single user interface with a revamped home-screen enabling users to perform tasks very quickly. And to further improve this, the screen is customisable. This means that your most frequent tasks can be added to your home screen – saving you time.

No more bottlenecks

And it doesn’t stop there – with Print Release capabilities, users with multiple MFPs can print (or release) documents from any machine within the network which helps to avoid bottlenecks. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Waiting to print an urgent single page document whilst a colleague is in the middle of a huge print run. Well, you need wait no more!

And with speeds of up to 50 – 60 pages per minute and 13 models to choose from, the potential to save both time and money for your business with A3 printing from Sharp just got really exciting!

Call a member of our sales team on 0330 221 9131 or email glamorgan@clarity-copiers.co.uk and we’ll be happy to talk A3!





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