Clarity attend the National Education Show 2018 Cardiff

Clarity attend the National Education Show 2018 Cardiff - blog post image

Clarity Copiers Glamorgan unveil new products at the National Education Show 2018

In partnership with Sharp UK, Clarity Copiers Glamorgan had a large display stand which allowed us to display demonstration models of the Sharp Early Years Interactive Table, a 70" Sharp Big Pad and the incredible Skywell - the very latest technology that creates pure water from the air in the room.

The National Education Show at Cardiff City Hall, brought together a wide range of professionals from across the education sector in the UK and who we were pleased to demonstrate the latest Sharp technology to. During the day we spoke with hundreds of people and gained many new positive leads.

Sharp Early Years Interactive Table

Sharp’s BIG PAD Interactive Table: Early Years Edition is an interactive and mobile activity board ideal for all Early Years Foundation Stage education and entertainment needs. The robust and durable table uses the latest 10 point touch technology to allow a number of children to draw and mark make directly onto the screen using either their hand or finger.

The Interactive Table is powered by a built-in battery pack, simply charge and unplug to use throughout the day, eliminating trip hazards and maximising mobility. The table can be easily tilted and locked into position, allowing children to interact together around the table on learning apps, games or puzzles. Alternatively, the table can be tilted further to 68 degrees before being locked into place to enable children to use it more comfortably whilst sitting to watch videos and cartoons or if they are playing on their own.

Pre-installed EYFS content and sensory apps are suitable for individual or group activities, encouraging children to socialise, learn, share and communicate. The table can be securely connected directly to the internet via the Wi-Fi feature or linked to another wireless or Bluetooth device, such as a printer to share children’s activities and creativity with friends and family.

Sharp Skywell - a glass of fresh air!

Perfect for offices or homes, Skywell generates up to five gallons of clean drinking water per day — hot or cold from fresh air. Skywell is a revolution in water creation.

There had to be a better way to create fresh drinking water, without delivery trucks, single-use bottles, or rusty pipes - that’s better for our health and for the environment. That’s why Skywell was created!

The Skywell technology creates fresh, clean drinking water (Skywell 5, Skywell 100P) as well as water for commercial use (Skywell 100N), offering you the flexibility to use the Skywell in whatever way works best for your unique situation. Just plug it in to an AC outlet.

Sharp Big Pad

Sharp's PN-40TC1 is the first of the industry-leading BIG PAD interactive display models to serve the exciting new Huddle meeting space requirements for 2-6 people. Having a responsive PCAP touch, easy-to-use approach, and fast setup time is central to the PN-40TC1 Huddle concept. The Mini OPS option slot allows for a clean and tidy integration of an optional wireless module, which allows prompt and easy BYOD collaboration with mobile devices. For the rapidly evolving office environment, with increasing numbers of informal meetings, as well as new possibilities in interactive retail signage, the PN-40TC1 defines a new standard in versatile medium-sized interactive displays.

Sharp’s surprisingly different 40” BIG PAD is equipped with a particularly fast, responsive and intuitive PCAP Capacitive 10-point multi-touch, which offers optimised performance for huddle meeting rooms, as well as interactive retail touch applications. Sharp’s suite of application software, including PEN software for enhanced team communication and the capturing of all creative expression, means that industry-leading decisive and productive collaboration is achieved.

With the importance of video conferencing and video-collaboration, users can easily mount a web camera to the conveniently positioned attachment holes on top. Similarly, quick setup and versatile placement is assisted with the bundled desktop stand (landscape orientation).

The bundled SHARP Touch Viewing Software offers an easy-to-use interface and file system to collect and organise data from different collaborative projects. Perfect for huddle meetings handling multiple data files.

The BIG PAD PN-40TC1 is Sharp's fresh approach to boosting dynamic business meetings. BIG PAD is also available in 70" and 80" models.


Here is a photographic overview of some of the day's quality interactions. Thank you to everyone we spoke with and we very much hope you had an enjoyable day:

To find our more about these amazing Sharp products for your school or educational needs... Contact us to discuss your requirements and a bespoke solution. We are focused on helping you secure the right technology at an affordable price. We can offer lease deals spread over five years - so there's plenty of scope to get the right finance package.


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