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Here's subject no one wants to talk about DAMP PAPER & HUMIDITY!

Most of the air around you has water in the form of a gas called water vapour. Humidity is just the amount of water vapour in the air. This humidity can cause problems in printing because of its effects on the paper.

Damp paper

Damp paper is a major factor when it comes to problems with photocopiers and laser printers.

When paper is left in the tray or stored incorrectly and exposed to the environment for a period of time, moisture from the air is absorbed into the fibres of the paper.This can cause a number of problems:

Sheets of damp paper can stick together in the paper tray and is harder for the copier to separate when trying to feed.

It can cause the paper to curl which makes it harder to feed through the narrow twists and turns of the device’s paper path especially if the job you’re doing is double sided.

To check if damp paper is the cause of your fault, try a fresh packet of paper in your machine. Using fresh paper, you should see a noticeable difference in the output with reduced curl, less jamming / misfeeding and improved print quality.

Top Tips for Paper Storage

Find a warm, dry place to store your paper that’s away from the ground, i.e. on a shelf or in a cupboard. We also recommend storing all paper (especially when the pack is opened), in a plastic bag or plastic storage box for added protection against moisture.

Try to only replenish paper in the paper tray that you are likely to use in the next day or so.

If you have a dedicated print room, consider using a Dehumidifier or an Atmospheric Water Generator to draw the moisture from the air.

Don’t forget, as well as keeping your paper stored correctly, it’s highly recommended that you use good quality paper in your printers and photocopiers. Using higher quality paper is also likely to reduce paper jams and image quality issues.

Taking the proper steps in preventing paper issues will save you money and more important, will keep your equipment working for you and your business.




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