Environmental awareness is growing – and we’re listening.

Environmental awareness is growing – and we’re listening.  - blog post image

In the fast-moving digital sphere of an ever-changing world, it’s important that we listen to our customers and the world around us. Storms Ciara and Dennis have certainly brought these things to the front of our minds. 

The hottest topic on the planet (no pun intended) has to be the environment. Every individual and every business has its part to play when it comes to recycling, carbon footprints, creating awareness and encouraging others to be environmentally aware.

Throughout 2019, the increased prominence of Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg has shown us that awareness and perhaps most importantly, conscience, is going to grow during this, and coming years.

Within this, the use of energy, use of paper, transport and carbon emission are increasing and from Clarity’s perspective, our online solutions, the paperless office and document sharing become more important.

We’ve written about these topics in the past and it’s notable that the environment is something that our customers are increasingly concerned with. It’s certainly something that we, as a SHARP main dealer are concerned with, and that SHARP as a business is working to support.






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