How Sharp MFPs and Displays help save thousands

How Sharp MFPs and Displays help save thousands - blog post image

How Sharp MFPs and Displays help Expodul save 7,000 Euros a month

Expodul, a Swedish conservatory manufacturer has greatly reduced its monthly costs by as much as SEK 75,000 (£6,500 / 7,000 Euros), by integrating Sharp BIG PAD interactive displays and enhanced MFP technologies into its workplace.

Expodul is a conservatory and glazed-in specialist based in Forserum, just outside of Jönköping, Southern Sweden. Set up in 1975, it currently employs more than 30 staff and wants to grow sustainably. As part of its expansion plans the company looked to Sharp to help streamline financial processes, as well as find ways to cost-effectively print brochures and catalogues in-house.

Sharp Digital Displays

Expodul knew it needed to improve the visibility of its order processing so that workers could see at a glance the status of each order. To solve this problem, the company worked with Sharp to install five small digital panel displays around the factory (model LL-P202V), which offer a real-time overview of the company's financial system.

“The order screens let everyone in the production team see how orders are added and where the materials are stored in the warehouse.” Expodul CEO Tommy Thyselius says, “Everyone is on top of everything at all times. This will be a major boost for us, particularly during the busiest periods when we need to be most efficient.”

The incorporation of the digital displays has helped speed up production across the business, Expodul has estimated that their use of this new technology saves the company approximately SEK 75,000 (7000 Euros) each month.

The digital transformation of the business does not end there, as Expodul has also acquired a Sharp BIG PAD Interactive touchscreen display (model BIG PAG PN-70TB3) for its conference room. This display is often used for and meetings with clients and suppliers, as well as for training purposes within the business.

“It's a huge help,” says Tommy Thyselius. “We can now show images and documents to large groups of people without having to pass a laptop around. Everything is so easy to find when it's all connected through the server.”

Sharp MFP Printing Solutions

At the same as looking to transform the way the business looked at inventory and order processing, Expodul also wished to improve the way it handled invoices and documents on a daily basis so they added several Sharp multi-function printers and Drivve software for easier document management.

With a view to further cost savings, the company also needed the document solution to be sufficiently powerful enough to handle the in-house printing of Expodul brochures, catalogues and other materials with a range of finishes. For example, they chose a MX-6240 model with a Zip-A4 finisher that allows them to print and cut business cards.

With the extra scanning and document management capability, all invoices and documents are now scanned directly and digitally archived into neat folders. Digital archiving means no more paper lying about the office. So, even in the event of a fire, your files are safe. The fact that almost everything in the system is digital has facilitated Tommy Thyselius and his employees’ work in so many ways.

“We wanted to avoid spending time on unnecessary things. We used to print out an enormous amount of paper to support production which is definitely a waste of time. Scanning a document takes some time, but once it’s done, we can find everything we need much faster.


We implemented the major changes during the calmer periods and the minor changes during periods of staff training.” Tommy Thyselius is optimistic about Expodul entering its busy season.

Working with Sharp has proven to be an efficient and effective solution for Tommy and his business. “The local sales representative from Sharp in Jönköping is very proactive. It's great when vendors take into account what is appropriate for us and what we can develop. These are all parts of the overall system, and it is our duty to all pull in the same direction.”

Expodul is looking to further extend its digital transformation as the business grows and expands, and Sharp will be on hand to help them evolve and grow their digital infrastructure.

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