Skywell Water Generator - How It works

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Sharp Skywell is a revolution in creating safe clean water!

A new smart atmospheric water generator is now available to buy through Clarity Copiers Glamorgan - a Sharp Main Dealer. The Skywell 5TE is a revolutionary new way to deliver clean and pure water to your office that takes inspiration from the natural water cycle of the planet.

Rather than using conventional plumbing, or shipping in expensive bottled water, Skywell’s water source is simply the ambient air in your office.

It takes in the air around us and turns it into water through a series of condensation, filtration, and purification processes. Find out more below.

How does it create safe clean water?

Skywell comes with a built-in monitoring system that continually checks the quality of the water being produced, so you know it’s always of the highest quality, and fresh to the tap.

Skywell Air Filtration works using a series of electrostatic air filters, which remove particles in the air before the water condenses on the coil. Any remaining particles are removed by passing through progressively finer strainers.

During the next stage water is filtered through a Granular Activated Carbon Filter (GAC), a carbon block filter, and finally the UltrafineFilter (UF) filters the water down to 0.1 micron, creating a comprehensive barrier against viruses and bacteria.

Once filtration has been carried out, the water is exposed to Ultraviolet Light Disinfection across the collection and top tanks. This stage exposes the water to a patented UV light disinfection protocol. As an additional layer of water quality protection ozone is introduced into the top tank.

A final filtration Stage is then carried out to the pre-dispense lines using a 0.2 micron “Ultra Fine” Filter in the cold line and a 200 mesh filter in the hot line just before dispense, ensures that the purest and cleanest water reaches the glass each and every time.

Office Benefits of Skywell

Skywell can be placed anywhere in the office. Unlike a water cooler, you won’t need to place it near a door for easy access for swapping over bulky water bottles. As it draws air, purifies it and turns it into fresh drinking water, you won’t need to worry about plumbing the Skywell unit into your office water supply. However, you can also connect Skywell to the mains supply if you prefer to add a back-up water source to the unit.

Skywell is an environmentally friendly alternative to bottle-fed dispensers or plastic bottles, removing the need for water deliveries or single-use bottles.

Skywell encourages you to stay healthy and hydrated by tracking how much you drink throughout the working day. An 8-inch interactive screen displays water temperatures and stored volume and tracks individual users’ water consumption data and total environmental impact.

Skywell does not need to be constantly running, as the internal computer automatically detects when the tank is full and ceases water-generation until user consumption causes the water level to fall. In this way, Skywell is economical to run, while at the same time constantly delivering the freshest water to users.

If you would like to know more about Skywell atmospheric water generators and how ‘Air Water’ can become an essential part of your office, please visit our website.

Alternatively ... Contact us now to discuss your interest - we are happy to provide you with free professional advice without any obligation.


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