Is a paperless office possible?

Is a paperless office possible?  - blog post image

In 1975, Business Week predicted a future of ‘the paperless office.’ It’s a term that many of us hear, and indeed aspire to – but what does it actually mean and is it really possible to have a paperless office? We investigate.

We’ve certainly come a long way towards a paperless office. Is there a PC or a laptop on every desk? Almost certainly.

There are many systems that have become entirely paperless – think bookkeeping, email, timesheets and record keeping. We are increasingly moving towards an entirely digital presence, and with good reason.

A properly implemented paperless office offers improved security for one thing. No physical documents means that there is no risk of them being stolen from the back of a car, left on a train or in a taxi.

Documentation is backed up and thanks to cloud storage is always accessible. Record-keeping becomes easier and those who need them are able to access documents easily.

And finally, the paperless office is arguably a greener solution. Less transportation, trees and travelling are involved!

However – did you feel that one coming?We’ll say it again – however, the paperless office is not always achievable.Many Gen X and Y managers and staff still prefer to physically see or read a document.Online diary management is not favoured by all and marketing campaigns often rely on printed materials including flyers, letters and other methods of direct mail. And there is still the issue of trust in online systems.

Whilst it has yet to be achieved by the majority, the move towards a paperless office is, for the reasons given above an obvious choice.But before it can happen the appropriate document sharing and storage

Here at Clarity Copiers Glamorgan, we work with many of our clients who are striving to become paperless.We support them by providing machines will securely store, file, share, scan and only print on demand so that the move towards a paperless office is seamless, if not paperless just yet.





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