What paper weight should I use in my photocopier?

What paper weight should I use in my photocopier?  - blog post image

When we refer to paperweight, we don’t mean a paperweight (as in a heavy stone!). We’re actually talking about the correct weight of paper for your SHARP MFP. First and foremost, it’s important to understand how the weight of paper is measured – and that’s usually described as GSM

What does GSM mean?

GSM stands for Grammes per Square Metre. The lower the grammes, the thinner the paper will appear. Typically, you’ll be aware of the standard copier paper which comes in at around 80gsm. When the paper reaches 170gsm, it technically becomes board. Weights to upwards of course and if you think of a business card, you’d expect that to be around 400gsm thickness.

It’s important to understand what’s acceptable when it comes to paper weight.Whilst lighter paper is fine for internal purposes, when you’re sending something to a client or customer,you may prefer a heavier paper – perhaps 100 – 120 gsm.A leaflet may be slightly heavier.

Which paper weight is best for my photocopier?

Of course it will depend on your machine, but we usually advise the lighter 80gsm paper for your everyday copying and printing needs.In addition to being a standard, it’s also more cost effective for you, as lighter paper tends to be less expensive.

Can I use heavier paper in my SHARP MFP?

Yes! Of course you can.

It’s usually easier to print on different sized paper via the bypass tray and your machine console will guide you through what to do. However, our team in always on hand to provide any advice – all you need to do is contact our service team and we’ll be happy to help!We are available on 0330 221 9131 and are here for you!







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